Hills Commercial is Keeping Alaska Clean!

We provide commercial laundry service to:

 ♦ surgery centers ♦ hospitals ♦ dentists ♦ physical therapists ♦ chiropractors ♦ oncology offices ♦ acupuncturists ♦ and hotels
It is our mission is to provide our clients with a quality product and excellent customer service.
We believe in building relationships that last.

Hills Commercial Laundry also supplies:

    •  Top of the line linens
    • Industrial walk off mats
    • Patient gowns
    • Healthcare blankets
    • Aprons
    • Bar mop towels
    • And any of your healthcare linen needs

With PICK UP and DELIVERY service to the entire Anchorage area, it is our privilege to be your convenient laundry service.


We want to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Hills Commercial Laundry could potentially save you on your current laundry bill. We have expanded our laundry facility which allows us to give you the professional quality you want at competitive prices.


OSHA Compliant

Hills Commercial Laundry provides OSHA compliant laundry service. Our industrial strength laundry chemicals destroy viruses and bacteria. All OSHA compliant laundry is sorted and washed in accordance with State of Alaska current regulations.

Top of the line Equipment

Hills Commercial laundry offers a cutting edge laundry facility with state of the art equipment.  We use a computerized washing system, along with ozone, to assure the highest quality of clean. This allows us to offer a superior finished product to our clients.We customize for our client’s needs, with a personable service which offers free pick-up and delivery service. Our customers get the service they expect at a price that is competitive. We ask that you call our current customers and see for yourself that Hills Commercial Laundry service is an enjoyable experience.